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What should I bring?

Your equipment requirements will depend on where you are going and when so email us and we will give you a list specifically tailored to your needs. A very extensive packing list is provided to all Himalayan Sunrise travellers. Himalayan Sunrise provides good quality sleeping bags, mattresses and tents and can assist with hire of other equipment if required...

In Kathmandu it is easy to change major currencies for rupees at the money exchanges that abound. You may want to carry some US$ as well. Having a credit card for a cash advance is good for emergencies although you will not be able to use these outside major centres like Kathmandu and Pokhara. Traveller’s cheques are rarely used now. Cash cards (eg. Travelex) are good in Kathmandu. When you plan your budget, take into account that while food is comparatively cheap, alcohol is not and can easily double your food bill. Also allow for souvenirs, as there is a very tempting range...

What money do I bring?