This trek can be conducted at various times throughout the year. The most popular times are February to April and September to November. Other times may be possible. We’d be happy to run it with a group of 8 at your convenience and you would be looking at approximately US$60 per day. This would cover the cost of guides, porters and cook, tent hire, food and trekking permits etc. It does not cover airfares, beverages or gratuities. It can be run with 6 but costs will be slightly higher per day. If you can get a number together but need a few more, let us know-we may well have others interested who would make up a group of eight.

It would be very easy to combine with a three day trip to Chitwan or Pokhara which can be arranged by the friendly and accommodating souls at Himalayan Sunrise.

This is another of our lower altitude treks. Given this, and the convenient location close to Kathmandu. You’d think it would be more “touristy” than it is. On this trek, you will see some great mountain views, walk through truly beautiful forests and see fascinating villages. We walk through villages settled by Brahmins, Tamangs and Sherpa people of Nepal. Each group has their own distinctive culture, jewellery and dress. For those interested in textiles and fabrics, there’s a lot of “eye candy”! The Sherpas of the Helambu region are quite distinct from the Sherpas of the Everest region in both language and customs As well as rich cultural diversity, we get mountain views that include the Langtang range, the Annapurna range, Manaslu and even Everest when the planets are in alignment!

Being a shorter trek, this is good for those with less time in Nepal or those who want to combine the trek with another trip to Pokhara, Chitwan or one of the bird sanctuaries. All these can be arranged by us at Himalayan Sunrise.





Camping + Tea House

Before trek: Arrival in Kathmandu, we will pick up at airport, transfer to hotel, briefing.

We can arrange for you sightseeing, day starts around 9am. Our City guide will take you to visit world heritage sites Biggest Hindu Temple Pashupati, Biggest Boudha Stupa and Swayambhu (Monkey Temple). Final preparation day for trekking, check the gears.

Day 01: Drive to Sundaqrijal, trek to Chisopani (2300m) (5-6 hrs)
Day 02: Gul Bhanjyang (2140m) (5-6 hrs)
Day 03: Tharepati (3640m) (6 hrs)
Day 04: Melamchigaon (2530m) (5 hrs)
Day 05: Tarke Gyang (2590m) (6 hrs)
Day 06: Sermathang (2610m) (4 hrs)
Day 07: Trek to Melamchi Pul Bazaar (1730m) and drive to Kathmandu (1350m) (6 hrs walking time, 3-4 hrs driving)

After trek: Free day, shopping, departure