KTM-Sundarija chisopani Danda 2451m. 6hrs walk.

Drive to Sundari jal 1:40hrs by Vehicle start hiking, It’s the main drinking water source for the Kathmandu valley, national park entrance gate walk right by the water dam beautiful torques color dam and its uphill all the way up through Tamang or Lama village Mulkharka. Terrain gains the altimeter pretty fast view of the Kathmandu valley and the terrace, you already get to see diffirences between life in the city and village people work so hard in the village comparing people in city. Chisopani top 2451 give you the magnificent view of the Himalayan ranges lang tang, Khangchhembu Dorje lakpa Gourishanker and far east Everest ranges too.

In this hike there will be small tea shop can stop for tea or coffee. Still we provide Vehicle and lunch and bring your drinking water with you.

Walk back is same way all the way downhill. Sundari jal catch vehicle Hotel/Home.