KTM- Matathirtha Chandragiri.2622m 7hrs walk.

Drive 4w drive, South East, this is amazing day hike if the weather is clear you could see most  of the Himalayan ranges, Mt. Everest Gourishanker, Dorjelakpa, Khanachembu. Lang tang, Ganesh Hiamal. Manasalu, Annapuarna and Dhaulagiri.  Even you get to see Shisapanga in Tibeten mountain.  Chandragiri its 2400m we get drop off then  start hiking along the ridge to the south is Kathmandu valley and north eat East to west is view of the Himalayan ranges. Walking through beautiful oak trees and some part is the meadow, Have to watch out fresh water buffalo  you don’t want step on it but not always. Oak tree is very hard wood, so local people make coal out of it and sell it for their cash income, not very good for the environment, this trail is also introduced as mountain bike trail and Nepal tourism board  has been investing to develop the short trek hike they have built stone staircases. Top of the Chandragiri they have built spot 360degree view, can have a picnic with amazing view. Kathmandu valley is long way down. Someone who enjoys nature they don’t want to go back its so beautiful here. People that I have been hike with they say the same we want to stay here. After lunch is start descending Champa Devi is the name of the deity in Hindu we there is shrine and Small Buddhist Chorten too, there is festival once in a year many people goes to worship at the time. Keep descend still view of mountains and Katmandu valley sought west is Pharping area this area is known to be the biggest Buddhist monastery are there, Hatthiban resort in the beautiful location then could get vehicle from here takes 1:40hrs to back Kathmandu

We provide Vehicle and  Lunch please bring drinking water with you.