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Himalayan Sunrise trekking & expeditions company, led by Bishnu Rai and his experienced team, is dedicated to sharing Nepal's environmental and cultural beauty with travelers seeking a unique holiday experience. With over two decades of tr...

Family Tour
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Trip Overview

Nepal offers an ideal setting for family adventures, combining stunning landscapes with rich cultural experiences. Families can embark on memorable treks like the Everest Base Camp or Annapurna trails, tailored to varying fitness levels. Cultural tours in the Kathmandu Valley reveal ancient temples and vibrant traditions. For a wildlife encounter, Chitwan National Park provides safaris amidst diverse flora and fauna. In Pokhara, families can enjoy lakeside serenity, adventure activities, and breathtaking mountain views. Family-friendly accommodations across Nepal ensure a comfortable and welcoming stay, making it a perfect destination for a diverse and enriching family vacation.

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